Ancient Dreams 3 Reissue Ed (VO)

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Ancient Dreams #3 Reissue Ed (VO)

Ecrit par JP Roth

Dessiné par Mike Krome & Dawn McTeigue

Couleurs de Nei Ruffino & Sabine Rich

Couverture : Sabine Rich

If you are looking for beauty than this tale will never do. It is not a beautiful story. It is a story of a world that existed long ago in a time before time. It begins many eons before man had ever tasted breath, in a world where the Titans roared across the seven seas and the Earth was nothing more than a gaping void of fire and wind. I could keep my story, I suppose, keep it in the silence of this grave where it belongs, but if I did that it would be soon be forgotten for everyone is gone. Only two others besides me remain awake, and I doubt they will ever again speak the events of this day.

Publié par ROTHIC

24 Pages

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